Tuesday, June 16, 2015

An Insurance in Decatur, GA to Protect Your High Value Ancestral Home

Sadly though, some ancestral homes are not as well cared for as they should, and are left neglected, and in need of serious repairs. A big storm comes and tears once again at the weakening structure. Should one family wait for the next storm that brings the house down to its knees, along with its precious objects and heirlooms? Sometimes, all that an ancestral house needs is good, proper maintenance and attention, as any house would require, and because of the high value of things contained inside it, it will need a suitable high-value home insurance in Decatur, GA If you have begun to appreciate the sentimental worth of the home that had been passed down to you, you must acknowledge as well its value in the market when you have managed to keep sentiment, structure, and amenities intact and updated. All repairs and restorations should be addressed timely to avoid allowing the deterioration of your high value home.

Monday, June 15, 2015

How Auto Insurance in Decatur, GA Is Affected by Adding a Teen Driver

There are many controllable factors that can affect your auto insurance in Decatur, GA. You can opt for a higher deductible, for instance, to reduce your premium rates. You can also buy car coverage from your home insurer or life insurance provider to get discounted packages. Of course, there’s also the part of the equation where new circumstances would hike up your auto insurance rates; one of which is adding a teenager to the policy. Some insurers would even track this development, and know when your child is old enough to drive. This prompts your insurer to automatically add the child to your account, which would raise the insurance premiums.